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Mystery Society

From A Library: Mystery Society

Mystery Society #1–5 Written by Steve Niles Art by Fiona Staples How did I not hear about this comic book before? I like to think I keep abreast of the comic-book world, and particularly for comic books that appeal to my tastes, but I completely missed this mini-series when it came out in 2010. I didn’t know anything about it…

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Forever Evil TPB cover

From A Library: Forever Evil

Forever Evil #1–7 Written by Geoff Johns Art by David Finch My reading of collected editions written by Geoff Johns continues. This one was of interest because it was the first company-wide crossover event of the DC New 52, running during the end of 2013 and the first half of 2014, so there was an almost historical aspect to the…

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Blackest Night #0 Cover

From A Library: Blackest Night

Blackest Night #0–8 Written by Geoff Johns Art by Ivan Reis Wow, Geoff Johns really loves Hal Jordan, doesn’t he? There is no other hero more super: he’s the greatest because everyone keeps saying he’s the greatest, and no one else can do what he does. At least according to Johns. This is the equivalent of literary fellatio and it…

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Avengers: Endless Wartime cover

From A Library – Avengers: Endless Wartime

Written by Warren Ellis Art by Mike McKone Tblunka, capital city of Sorenia, nestled between Iran, Afghanistan and Turkmenistan. A mercenary, part of a force formed by the unseated regime trying to retake the country from the democratically elected government, shoots down something strange with ‘US Air Force’ on it. Stark Towers. The Avengers: Captain America (Steve Rogers), Hawkeye, Captain…

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Perhapanauts by Mike Wieringo

From A Library: The Perhapanauts

The Perhapanauts: First Blood (The Perhapanauts #1–4) and The Perhapanauts: Second Chances (The Perhapanauts: Second Chances #1–4) Written and co-created by Todd Dezago Art and co-created by Craig Rousseau I love this idea: a Bigfoot, a ghost, a psychic, a chupacabra (literally ‘goat-sucker’, an animal rumoured to exist in the Americas that gets its name from what it supposedly does),…

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