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A Natural History Of Dragons cover

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A Memoir By Lady Trent written by Marie Brennan Published by Titan Books Marie Brennan, the pseudonym of Bryn Neuenschwander, is an American fantasy author who graduated from Harvard University and did graduate studies in folklore and anthropology. This means she is smart and has an affinity with science and mythology, and she brings a naturalness and clarity to her…

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Enchantment Emporium

Book Review: The Enchantment Emporium

By Tanya Huff Published by Titan Books I’ve never read anything by Canadian fantasy author Tanya Huff before but, based on The Enchantment Emporium, I need to rectify that state of affairs. She is prolific, having written several contemporary fantasy series (including the Blood Books series, about a human detective and a vampire writer who stop supernatural threats, which was…

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Vicious by VE Schwab

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By V.E. Schwab Published by Titan Books When two friends find a way to acquire superpowers, events will never turn out smooth. When these friends are intelligent, competitive, driven individuals, the top pre-med students at their college, whose friendship is shattered by acquiring their superpowers, their lives and the lives of many other people will be adversely affected. Victoria Schwab…

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Red Country cover

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By Joe Abercrombie Published by Gollancz Take a Western but with swords instead of guns. Set it in an epic fantasy world. Throw in a stagecoach chase, an attack by ‘natives’ around the wagons, a prospector town full of vice and criminals, and tough characters living in a harsh world. And make it good. You now have Red Country, the…

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London Falling cover

Book From A Library: London Falling

Written by Paul Cornell The concept of police investigating magical-related crime in London is not without precedent – I’m a big fan of Ben Aaronovitch’s Folly series – but it’s way that the story is told that makes it different. Cornell, in addition to his comic-book writing, has written for television (Doctor Who, Primeval, Robin Hood) and this book has a…

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The Name Of The Wind

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Book One of The Kingkiller Chronicles by Patrick Rothfuss The paperback edition that I read is 662 pages of small print text. It’s a big book. Yet I raced through it in a euphoric rush as I devoured this book (not literally; that would be hideous, to steal a line from Alan Partridge), because the prose is so well written…

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Girl Genius cover

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By Phil and Kaja Foglio Published by Titan Books Girl Genius is a comic book series turned online webcomic written by the Foglios and drawn by Phil, and this book is a novelisation of the first storyline. It has a steampunk setting with an alternative world history but the authors additionally describe it as ‘gaslamp fantasy’ to differentiate it because…

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Temeraire cover

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By Naomi Novik I have to credit Helen O’Hara, Deputy Editor of Empire Online, for her recommendation of this book; on the Empire podcast, when answering readers’ questions about what good books haven’t been adapted into film, she mentioned this book (with a description of ‘Napoleonic wars with dragons’) and because she is smart and cultural person, I knew I…

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