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Too Many Graphic Novels

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I’ve been reading comic books for a long while, and I have a lot of comic books in my collections, but I don’t buy anywhere near as many individual comic books as I did. This is for two main reasons: 1. The price of individual issues nowadays is prohibitively expensive (insert rant of a crotchety old man going on about…

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Avengers Comic Books Are Boring But The Films Are Great

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I have recently posted my thoughts on Avengers: Infinity War and about my enjoyment of Kurt Busiek’s writing, and it got me thinking about something I find incongruous about the MCU from the perspective of a long-term comic book fan: I have always found The Avengers a really boring book. I bought Busiek’s run on The Avengers, after Heroes Reborn,…

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In writing on this blog about my history with comic books, I identified a particular issue of The Uncanny X-Men as my ‘first’. This is true in the sense that it was the comic that kick-started my obsession with comic books and the world of collecting and fandom and even blogging about comic books. But it’s not true in the…

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Marvel diversity

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The headline for this post is supposed to cover both meanings, i.e. ‘What is wrong with having diversity in comics that people complain about it?’ and ‘What’s wrong with the diversity in comics that the books are getting cancelled?’, which probably doesn’t come across in text. I am Over-Explaining Man. The two reasons for this are the lovely Christmas present…

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Written by Peter Sanderson and Marc Sumerak Published by Titan Books Full disclaimer: I haven’t read all 2,500 questions in Obsessed With Marvel. I believe in honesty on this blog. However, with that out of the way, I did read the book, as I hope to prove with this review. The book is split into nine sections: Fantastic Four, Spider-Man,…

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How Comics Work

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By Dave Gibbons and Tim Pilcher Comic books are sufficiently large and popular that there are many books about making comic books. Therefore, to stand out from this crowd, a new book needs something different and this one has that: Dave Gibbons has worked successfully in comic books for over 40 years, is the first UK Comics Laureate, and, oh…

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