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[Note to self: moving house, filling it with flat-pack furniture and getting kittens really get in the way of blogging. Apologies for tardiness.] I don’t know if it was because of the cinema I was in (my first visit to Peckhamplex, the independent multiplex located in Peckham, obviously) or it was the film itself, but Guardians Of The Galaxy was…

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God Is Dead Vol. 1 cover

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God Is Dead #1–6 Created by Jonathan Hickman Written by Jonathan Hickman and Mike Costa Art by Di Amorim Colours by Juanmar Letters by Kurt Hathaway Published by Avatar Press In April and May 2015, a range of disasters strike around the global: a volcanic eruption, a massive temperature drop, massive rainfall, incredible sandstorms, a huge seismic event. The death…

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Death Sentence collection cover

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Death Sentence #1–6 Script and covers by Montynero Art and colours by Mike Dowling Letters by Comicraft’s Jimmy Betancourt Edited by Andrew James Published by Titan Comics One of the delights about being given comic books to review is discovering something really good by creators whose work I’ve never seen. Death Sentence is a perfect example: I didn’t know who…

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Dead Man's Hand Cover

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Edited by John Joseph Adams Published by Titan Books This anthology of twenty-three stories has tales that mix the Old West with fantastical elements; each one has the name, author and the location/year (such as East Texas, 1880, or Colorado Territory, 1868). As is usual with anthologies, the selection is wide and the quality varies, but the overall level is…

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Dragons Riders Of Berk: Dragon Down

Comic Book Review – Dragons: Riders Of Berk Volume One Dragon Down

Script: Simon Furman Pencils: Iwan Nazif Inks: Iwan Nazif (with Bambos Georgiou) Colours: Nestor Pereyra & Digikore Letters: David Manley-Leach Publishers: Titan Comics [Apologies for the absence in posting: I’ve been moving house, which I think it’s a legitimate excuse. At least it means that this connects this review with the arrival of How To Train Your Dragon 2 in…

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