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Gohtam City: This Town Needs An Editor

This Town Needs An Editor

 An explanation: by day, I’m a freelance medical editor; by night, I’m a geeky blogger with a silly sense of humour. When they combine, you get this. In 1989, Tim Burton’s Batman was released and became a sensation, and Jack Nicholson’s Joker was a sensation as well. Dialogue from the film was included in Prince’s Batdance song, which was everywhere that…

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Tourmbie (noun) – combining ‘tourist’ and ‘zombie’, defining the stupid people who wander aimlessly around the streets of tourist attractions, seeming deliberately to get in the way of everyone else, without having any specific purpose other than to get in the way. The only activity associated with the tourmbie is the rush to get their photograph taken in front of…

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(A digression from the norm here on Clandestine Critic – an essay about the physical eating pleasure of chocolate, made more odd by the fact that I can no longer eat chocolate due to it giving me migraines.) There are various aspects of people’s life that possibly define them in life: Religion; family stability as a child; siblings (or lack…

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To everyone who thinks that the ninja bats currently found in the Grant Morrison-written Batman comic book: are a wonderful example of the mad ideas of the God of Comics, we would like to refer you to the Stan Sakai-created Usagi Yojimbo: The Komori Ninja (komori is Japanese for bat) have been part of the rabbit ronin’s universe since 1990,…

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(The Guardian Weekend magazine on a Saturday has a recurring section, where they ask the same questions each week to celebrities and interesting people. I thought I’d apply them to some superheroes only without the stupid question about radiators or air conditioning. Seriously, what are they thinking with that?) Q&A: BATMAN The Batman is an urban myth, currently residing in…

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