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Comics I Bought 18 February 2010

An incomplete discussion today: also included in the purchases from the comic shop were Avengers vs Atlas #2 and Incredible Hercules #141, but they will be discussed separately (and I really must get round to doing that soon), so only two books today. Joe the Barbarian #2For a relatively straightforward Grant Morrison comic, this is still fun and yet play…

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Green Arrow and Black Canary Wedding Special #1 by Judd Winick and Amanda Conner, Green Arrow and Black Canary #1–5 by Judd Winick and Cliff Chiang Although I think The Adventures Of Barry Ween, Boy Genius is one of the greatest comic books ever, I’ve not been a particular fan of Winick’s mainstream superhero work (and I’ve tried). Fortunately, he…

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Wolverine: Manifest Destiny #1–4 by Jason Aaron, Stephen Segovia and Paco Diaz Luque A Wolverine mini-series that is essentially a love note to wushu movies (and Bruce Lee in particular – individual chapters are called ‘Enter The Wolverine’ and ‘The Way Of The Black Dragon’), written by Jason Aaron? For only £4 from the Gosh! pack sale shelf? Yes, thank…

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