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The Flash: Race Against Time TP cover

Comic Book Artist: Mike Wieringo

This is one of my semi-regular posts about comic book artists whose work I enjoy, as I look at their work history and post some examples of their work. Today’s post is about a favourite artist who will unfortunately no longer produce any more of his great art. It was a great shock and loss when Mike Wieringo passed away at…

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Queen & Country Definitive Collection vol. 1 cover

Writer Top Five: Greg Rucka

I’m not sure where I stole this idea from but it seemed a nice adjunct to my posts about comic book artists I like, so I thought I’d go through the list of writers who have the most comics in my collection (from this post), starting with writers who were just outside of the Top Ten, giving a list of…

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Goal Achieved. What Next?

I was going to do another in my series of Comic Book Artists, where I post some great images sourced from the web from artists whose work I admire and talk about their career and try to discuss what I like about their work. However, Blogger is having some issues with Image Uploads today, so that shall have to wait.…

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Creator with most comics in my collection

This might be a little nerdy; it’s hard to tell when one is so close to it. But I like cataloguing my comic book collection. I like having the list, including author, artist(s), company, imprint. It might be a bit sad, but I don’t care. It means that I can examine my collection and revel in its numbers and order.…

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