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Piranha Comics shop

Comic Book Shops: Bromley

It’s been a while since I’ve documented visits to comic book shops in London (and elsewhere), but I have recently become a resident of south-east London, so it was a pleasant surprise to find not one but two comic book shops in the general area. The two shops provide a contrast in the style and approach towards selling comic books…

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Orbital Comics, London

Comic Book Shop Update: Orbital Comics

One of the series of posts I have written is about comic book shops – I’m very lucky, living in London, to have a lot of comic book shops in relatively close proximity, even though I mention other comic book shops that a particular resonance in my development as a comic book fan. In this post, I wanted to revisit…

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Comic book shops I have known

Comic Book Shops I Have Known

I’ve talked about comic book shops – both in London and elsewhere – that I shop at, have shopped at or are around for me to access in London. For a final post on the topic, I wanted to get out of my system the other comic shops I have known but are either no longer around, or I don’t…

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Whatever Comics

Comic Book Shop Memories: Canterbury

The chronological continuation of recollecting my comic book shop patronage moves from Bristol to Canterbury in England’s garden, Kent. After my undergraduate degree at Bristol, I went to the University of Kent at Canterbury (its full title) to do some post-graduate work for several years. Even though it’s only 90 minutes from London, I was worried that there would be…

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Forbidden Planet Bristol

Comic Book Shop Memories: Bristol

My series of posts about comic book shops has been limited to London, because that’s where I live and have done for quite a few years. However, I have also lived elsewhere and found places to buy comics in these cities; I thought I’d share some memories to keep up the theme. It makes me feel old by writing this,…

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