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Kuniyoshi Triptychs

Art: Kuniyoshi Exhibition

Because I’m, like, incredibly sophisticated and stuff, I go to art galleries to see actual works of art. I’m not saying this to impress you (although that is an unfortunate side-effect), it’s just a reason to post about my trip and put up some images. The Royal Academy of Art is hosting an exhibition of 19th-century coloured woodprints by Utagawa…

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Comic Book Cameos

You can call it cameos. You can call it Easter Eggs. You can call it in-jokes. Whatever your name of preference, it is one thing that comic book art can do better and easier than just about any form of entertainment I can think of. The artist can tell the story but put in little references to other things, if…

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Harrods’ Comic Book Art Exhibition

I don’t like Harrods. It makes me feel uncomfortable. It’s a shop for posh, rich people who think they are better than everyone else. Although that may be true, it doesn’t mean they should get to rub our faces in it. Therefore, I think that the only thing that could get me to step through their doors is the prospect…

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Cover for Wolverine #8 (1989)

Art: Almost Exhibitions and Galleries

Sunday was a day of seeing art (following Saturday’s visit to the First Emperor exhibit). Or, rather, trying to see art and not quite succeeding in the way it was planned. The first thing we tried to see was the Serpentine Gallery Experiment Marathon. This was a two-day event, so we’d be catching the latter half, all about experiments performed…

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