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Catching Up On The New Avengers

Finally, I got round to reading my back issues of the New Avengers. Even though I don’t have issues 7 and 12 yet, I read the rest as they aren’t story conclusions, and I assume I’m not missing vital information necessary for enjoyment. The Sentry storyline (#7–10) is a strange attempt to integrate the metafictional character of Bob Reed, The…

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Comic review: New Avengers TP#1

Review: New Avengers TP#1(collecting issues #1–6)by Brian Michael Bendis & David Finch I didn’t grow up reading the Avengers. Bendis destroying them meant nothing to me. Even though I enjoy Bendis’ work and Finch’s art, I wasn’t compelled to try this out when it first arrived in stores. I was also trying to keep my weekly pull list to a…

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