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Barry Norman Pickled Onions

Coming into work this morning, I noticed a bizarre-looking poster at a bus stop: it was advertising Barry Norman Pickled Onions. I thought it was a joke of some sort, perhaps for a new show or game. But it isn’t. It’s a genuine product: you can find the official website for it here, and you can buy them (if you…

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Miscellaneous nonsense from my brain pan

I have some peculiar thoughts and notes floating through my head and I need to get them out: Driving back from Norfolk, I noticed a sign by the side of the A14 saying, ‘Public Telephone’. Now, I don’t wish to reinforce stereotypes, but do yokels see public telephones as some sort of tourist attraction? Or, is it some kind of…

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The Power of Warren Ellis

I admire the comics of Warren Ellis. His story sense and work ethic is finely tuned, and he writes stories that, for the most part, I actively want to read. I’ve mentioned my appreciation for his work in previous posts, even though I don’t enjoy everything he writes (Tokyo Storm Rising springs to mind). He isn’t blinded by a love…

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