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Doctor Who: Four Doctors Cover

Comic Book Review – Doctor Who: Four Doctors

Doctor Who: Four Doctors #1–5 Written by Paul Cornell Art by Neil Edwards Colours by Ivan Nunes Letters by Richard Starkings/Jimmy Betancourt Edited by Andrew James Published by Titan Comics On the planet Marinus at some point during the Time War, the War Doctor is with the Voord, a hive mind race, who are resisting the Daleks; they are worried…

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Doctor Who promotional image with Matt Smith and Karen Gillan

TV: Thoughts On Steve Moffat’s Doctor Who

I’ve mentioned before that, although I had enjoyed the Russell T Davies-led revival of Doctor Who, I thought it could be rather self-indulgent and seemed to rely on a lot of people dying for the Doctor, which isn’t the happiest note to strike in a family-friendly programme. I’ve also said how much I was looking forward to the Steve Moffat…

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Doctor Who: The End of Time

TV: Doctor Who At Christmas

I don’t intend to be very topical in this return to blogging, but I wanted to get some thoughts down about the recent (and much-hyped) series finale/swan song for David Tenant while still fresh in my head. I’m not a hardcore Doctor Who fan, but I watched it growing up (my favourite Doctor is Tom Baker, to give you an…

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