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Wonderful 101 box art

Game Review: The Wonderful 101

Created by Platinum Games The Wonderful 101 is a difficult game to review because it’s an original idea that makes excellent use of the Wii U but is frustrating to play initially, both in the way you move through the game with the characters and in the mechanics by which you play the game in order to progress through the…

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Lego The Lord of the Rings

Game: Lego The Lord Of The Rings

Although I’ve only written about the first Lego Harry Potter game, I have thoroughly enjoyed nearly all the Lego games. All three Lego Star Wars are great, both Lego Indiana Jones are very enjoyable, the second Lego Harry Potter game is expansive (if not as ‘fun’ as the first, what with all the deaths and grimness), the first Lego Batman…

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I Need A Clone To Do My Blogging For Me

I was going to blog something. And then the post man delivered our copy of Lego Star Wars 3 The Clone Wars. There should be a modern saying about good intentions and video games for children. Ah well. Time to get back to throwing lightsabres and blowing stuff up. (PS: I love the muzak when characters are in the lift…

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Blogging Holiday In Gotham City

In the tradition of legitimate excuses for not blogging, the arrival of an anticipated video game aimed at children means that my dedication to telling you my opinions on comic books, films, television shows and books wavers for a short while. I hope to maintain my irregular schedule, but there is a lot of crime to fight using Lego ……

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