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The Old Guard movie poster

Notes On A Film: The Old Guard

In my recent review of first volume of The Old Guard collection, I said that I would review the film once it started streaming on Netflix, so this is me keeping that promise. Before I watched the film, I had low expectations because the reviews weren’t recommendations (of the two-star variety, although James Dyer of Empire magazine revised the recommendation…

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The Old Guard wraparound cover

Comic Book Review – The Old Guard Book One: Opening Fire

The Old Guard #1–5Created by Greg Rucka and Leandro FernándezColours by Daniela Miwa, Letters by Jodi WynnePublished by Image Comics Because I’m trying to return to regular blogging, I thought I’d try some of that ‘scheduling content’ stuff, where the blogger talks about something that is relevant to the time at which it is posted (not my strong point, I…

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Rucka Top Five

Writer Top Five: Greg Rucka

I’m not sure where I stole this idea from but it seemed a nice adjunct to my posts about comic book artists I like, so I thought I’d go through the list of writers who have the most comics in my collection (from this post), starting with writers who were just outside of the Top Ten, giving a list of…

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Patriot Acts cover

Book Review: Patriot Acts

By Greg Rucka My latest ‘Look at me, I read books with no pictures as well’ post is still linked to comic books: it was comics that introduced me to the novels of Greg Rucka, and that is one of the many things I for which I can thank them. Although I loved his great Queen & Country novels (at…

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Book review: Queen & Country novels

A Gentleman’s Game and Private Wars by Greg Rucka Queen & Country, from Oni Press, is a great comic book series, with a complex leading character in Tara Chace, that looks at a more realistic view of the world of modern espionage, specifically the Special Operations Section of the British Secret Intelligence Service. It was a shame that the series…

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