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Dead Men's Boots cover

Books: Dead Man’s Boots

By Mike Carey This is book 3 of the Felix Castor series, and Carey is maintaining the quality in this adventure of the London exorcist. The setting and threat level is perfectly balanced; I was slightly worried when I read that Carey was taking the character to the USA because it seemed so wrong for the character. But Carey allays…

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Vicious Circle book cover

Book Review: Vicious Circle

Vicious Circle by Mike Carey Felix Castor is back in this second novel for more action in the London-based world of exorcism. His ‘trainee’, the succubus Juliet, asks him for his help on the possession of a church near Wormwood Scrubs. His best friend, Rafi, seems to be miraculously free of the possession by the high demon Asmodeus, a possession…

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The Devil You Know cover

Book Review: The Devil You Know

By Mike Carey I expect that most well-read comic book readers probably came across Mike Carey first via the Lucifer series from Vertigo, a spin-off from Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman, about the fallen angel after he gave the keys to hell to Morpheus – he must be a brave (or desperate) man to work on something related to Gaiman’s landmark…

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