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Dissecting a press release

Dissecting A Comic Book Press Release

I get some press releases from comic book companies. Not many, but enough for them to be a regular feature in my inbox. I’m not sure quite how that happened – my email address has been harvested by a social media company that has been selling it on incorrectly to PR companies, but I don’t know if comic book companies’…

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Before Watchmen: They Did It 35 Minutes Ago

The news is official: DC will be publishing Before Watchmen, seven prequel mini-series to what is widely regarded as the greatest superhero comic book series of all time (well, so far), the only comic book to make Time’s list of 100 Best Novels. Twenty-five years after the original series was published does seem a little tardy … The internet has…

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Not The Royal Wedding

People want to feel attached to a ‘historic’ moment in their lifetime. I wanted nothing to do with it, and this is my reminder of that day. Friday morning was wonderfully quiet in the suburbs of London. Instead of being one of the idiots who had camped out the night before to wave a silly flag as two people they…

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British Journalism – Best In The World?

I don’t pick up The Metro, the free newspaper found littered on tube seats in London (oh, and in dispensers outside stations, I suppose). Not only is it shit, chock-full of filler fluff (exemplified by the completely vacuous ‘Green Room’, by the odious Neil Sean) and pathetic articles masquerading as news, but it is a sister paper to the Evening…

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