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Comic Books I Want As TV

Comic Books I Want As TV Shows

Comic books have been the source for television programmes before – Batman, Wonder Woman, The Incredible Hulk, The Amazing Spider-Man, and Smallville are perhaps the most famous live action series, and there are many animated series as well – but these were based on well-known franchises. Now, things are different, and in a good way. Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead…

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TV Round Up 2011

Television: final report card for the end of 2011

Another delayed collection of jumbled thoughts on some of the good television programmes I watched in the latter half of 2011 since the previous posts about good television in the first half of 2011 [post 1] [post 2] [post 3]. Doctor Who The second half of the sixth season of the new Doctor Who saw a general improvement in overall…

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TV round-up 2011 part 3

Television: Half-Year Report Card Part 3

The final part of my summary of the things I’ve been watching on television in the first half of 2011. This selection is under the heading of comedy, which covers a broad spectrum. COMEDY Twenty Twelve I wasn’t sure that a documentary-style comedy about The Olympic Deliverance team coping with the pressure of organising the London 2012 Olympics would be…

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Television: Half-Year Report Card Part 2

The second part of my quick look at some of the television programmes in the first half of this year. Today I discuss those shows I’m going to label as ‘genre’, which includes sci-fi and detective television. GENRE Doctor Who I talked about the effects of budgetary problems on British television, which brings me to Doctor Who. Doctor Who is…

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TV round-up 2011 part 1

Television: Half-Year Report Card Part 1

As I did for my cinema habits of the first half of 2011, I’m jotting down a few notes on the various television programmes of interest that have passed my eyes. I’ve been watching a lot of dramas on the BBC (after they got a money infusion just before the stupid coalition government took it all away), but there’s a…

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My Favourite Television of 2010

Disclaimer: this is not a ‘Best Television of 2010’ post – I don’t subscribe to Sky and all their channels (other satellite/cable providers are available) and I don’t download television illegally, so this discussion will not include a lot of quality shows from abroad that might be expected in this type of post. This is a summary of the best…

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TV Catch-Up: True Blood (Seasons 1 & 2)

I can’t believe I haven’t talked about True Blood on my blog before. It’s a dire omission that requires rectifying with me giving a brief taste of my impressions of one of my favourite programmes at the moment. As a fan of genre television, it warms the cockles of my heart that a show about vampires (and other supernatural phenomena)…

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TV: Community

I absolutely love Community: it very quickly became my new favourite sitcom (because I don’t have legal access to 30 Rock at the moment), and we get double episodes of it each week on Viva – no, it’s not a channel with which I am very familiar either (it’s owned by MTV, if that helps) – so I’m very grateful…

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Film 2010

Old Man Moans About New Film 2010

This is going to sound like an old person complaining about how new stuff is rubbish and old stuff was better, but I hope to make it sound more rational and reasoned than all that. First, I’ll talk about my interaction with the old thing before talking about the new thing, because that’s what I do on my blog. I…

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Mad Men banner

TV: Mad Men Season One

One of productive things I did while I was ill was watch pretty much the entirety of the first season of Mad Men that I had on the PVR from the BBC2 repeats on Sunday nights. As usual, I’m late to the party, but I have to admit that it is really good television and deserves all the hype and…

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