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TV Round Up 2011

Television: final report card for the end of 2011

Another delayed collection of jumbled thoughts on some of the good television programmes I watched in the latter half of 2011 since the previous posts about good television in the first half of 2011 [post 1] [post 2] [post 3]. Doctor Who The second half of the sixth season of the new Doctor Who saw a general improvement in overall…

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The news is official: DC will be publishing Before Watchmen, seven prequel mini-series to what is widely regarded as the greatest superhero comic book series of all time (well, so far), the only comic book to make Time’s list of 100 Best Novels. Twenty-five years after the original series was published does seem a little tardy … The internet has…

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TV round-up 2011 part 3

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The final part of my summary of the things I’ve been watching on television in the first half of 2011. This selection is under the heading of comedy, which covers a broad spectrum. COMEDY Twenty Twelve I wasn’t sure that a documentary-style comedy about The Olympic Deliverance team coping with the pressure of organising the London 2012 Olympics would be…

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The second part of my quick look at some of the television programmes in the first half of this year. Today I discuss those shows I’m going to label as ‘genre’, which includes sci-fi and detective television. GENRE Doctor Who I talked about the effects of budgetary problems on British television, which brings me to Doctor Who. Doctor Who is…

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I was going to blog something. And then the post man delivered our copy of Lego Star Wars 3 The Clone Wars. There should be a modern saying about good intentions and video games for children. Ah well. Time to get back to throwing lightsabres and blowing stuff up. (PS: I love the muzak when characters are in the lift…

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Mark Kermode recently captured his thoughts on film piracy in his Uncut blog, which boiled down to his view that piracy will stopped by simultaneous distribution (releasing a film in cinemas, streaming online and on DVD on the same date). I think that Kermode is coming from a naïve and cinema-obsessed point of view that won’t tackle piracy. Movie piracy…

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Disclaimer: this is not a ‘Best Television of 2010’ post – I don’t subscribe to Sky and all their channels (other satellite/cable providers are available) and I don’t download television illegally, so this discussion will not include a lot of quality shows from abroad that might be expected in this type of post. This is a summary of the best…

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