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Mark Waid: Writer Top Five part 1

Writer Top Five: Mark Waid

When it comes to comic books, Mark Waid has done it all. To quote his bio on his digital comics site, Thrillbent, ‘Mark has written thousands of comic books and graphic novels in his 28-year career’, and that’s not even up to date – trying to cover his comic-book biography succinctly is impossible, so this will be a very broad…

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Covers of comic books written by Kurt Busiek

Writer Top Five: Kurt Busiek

The latest in my posts about the writers who have the most comics in my collection, and my favourite books of theirs, is about Kurt Busiek (pronounced BYOO-sik), the prolific and multi-award-winning writer who redefined the approach to writing superhero comic books that are about superhero comic books. I’m probably similar to many comic book fans with respect to how…

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Ostrander Top Five

Writer Top Five: John Ostrander

This collection of ‘Writer Top Five’ posts is about the writers who have the most comics in my collection and my favourite books of theirs. John Ostrander has written a lot of comic books, but I don’t have all of them by any stretch: it’s down to a few runs on a small selection of comic books that earn him…

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Milligan Top Five

Writer Top Five: Peter Milligan

Continuing with the theme of my favourite works by a writer I enjoy: today is the turn of Peter Milligan. The man, the mystery, the enigma (deliberate reference – see later); Milligan is an unusual writer who revels in his unusualness and intelligence and literary passions. His website is called Ineluctable Modality, which comes from a quote from Ulysses by…

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Robinson Top Five

Writer Top Five: James Robinson

I started the ‘Writer Top Five’, with the first one on Greg Rucka back in 2012, with the idea of it being a regular series. As usual with me, it never happened quite the way I envisaged, but that doesn’t mean I can’t eventually persuade myself to revisit an idea and try to revive it. The idea was to talk…

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Rucka Top Five

Writer Top Five: Greg Rucka

I’m not sure where I stole this idea from but it seemed a nice adjunct to my posts about comic book artists I like, so I thought I’d go through the list of writers who have the most comics in my collection (from this post), starting with writers who were just outside of the Top Ten, giving a list of…

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