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Crossed +100 Vol. 1

Comic Book Review: Crossed +100 Volume 1

Crossed +100 #1–6 Written by Alan Moore Art by Gabriel Andrade Colours by Digikore Studios Letters by Jaymes Reed Crossed created by Garth Ennis Published by Avatar Press The mark of a truly great writer is the ability to create work in any genre, even a genre you don’t necessarily enjoy, and surpass the expectations and limitations while demonstrating their…

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Fashion Beast collection cover

Comic Book Review: Fashion Beast

Fashion Beast #1–10 Story by Malcolm McLaren and Alan Moore Script by Alan Moore Sequential adaptation by Antony Johnston Art by Facundo Percio Colours by Hernan Cabrera Letters by Jaymes Reed Published by Avatar Press Dark Horse are publishing a comic book adaptation of George Lucas’ original screenplay for The Star Wars, an early version of Star Wars. Dynamite published…

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Neonomicon Cover

From A Library: Neonomicon

The Courtyard #1 & 2 and Neonomicon #1–4 Written by Alan Moore Art by Jacen Burrows I’m sure this is heresy but I’ll say it anyway: this comic book, which was written by arguably one of the greatest writers of comics books and whose work I enjoy very much (so much so that I went to Kettering to see him…

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