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Podcasts I Am Listening To

Podcasts I Listen To 2020

I was reading an article by Miranda Sawyer about podcasts, detailing some of the history (such as Apple adding a podcast app to their iPhones in 2005, which was the same year that the word ‘podcast’ was added to the dictionary), and it got me thinking about my podcast history and what podcasts I subscribe to and listen to on…

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Richard Herring and Stephen Fry

Richard Herring Leicester Square Theatre Podcast: Stephen Fry

The Richard Herring Leicester Square Theatre podcasts are fascinating and fun, not because of the silly recurring questions (‘Have you ever tried to suck your own cock?’ and ‘What would you rather have: a ham hand or an armpit that produced sun cream?’) or Herring’s shabby interview technique, but due to the atmosphere that leads to the interviewee opening up and…

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As It Occurs To Me

Theatre: As It Occurs To Me Season 2 Episode 8

Richard Herring‘s As It Occurs To Me (shortened to AIOTM) is an impressive undertaking: Herring writes an entirely new 60-minute sketch show each week, rehearses it with the cast (Emma Kennedy, Dan Tetsell and Christian Reilly on guitar) twice on the day and they perform it live on Monday night, which is recorded and released as a free unedited podcast…

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Podcast Catch-up

Podcast Catch-Up

After talking about the House To Astonish and War Rocket Ajax podcasts, I thought I’d catch up on other podcasts I listen to (the last time I did this was two years ago, so it’s about time). I’m still listening to Smodcast – Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier (mostly; he occasionally chats with other people, such as his wife and…

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War Rocket Ajax vs Matt Fraction

Podcast: War Rocket Ajax

[War Rocket Ajax artwork by Rusty Shackles] When I talked about comic book podcasts in my post about the House To Astonish podcast, I mentioned that there was another one I listened to: War Rocket Ajax. War Rocket Ajax is hosted by Eugene Ahn and Chris Sims (of The Invincible Super-Blog notoriety). It came about when Eugene first interviewed Chris…

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Podcast: House to Astonish

Podcast: House To Astonish

I don’t listen to a lot of comic book podcasts that come out on a regular schedule (and definitely not video podcasts; comic book fans are not the most photogenic of people, and I don’t want to watch overweight men in extra large superhero t-shirts, sorry), although I have sampled a selection in my time. However, I do make the…

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Collings and Herrin Podcast

Collins and Herring Looking Good

I’ve been listening to the Collings and Herrin podcast since its beginning – I’ve been reading the blogs of Andrew Collins and Richard Herring (the name of the podcast is a deliberate joke on their part) for a while now as well – and enjoying their unedited chat, which seems to hark back to their days when Collins used to…

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Podcast People

Coming to the trendy things fashionably late, I have been listening to lot of podcasts recently. And I thought I’d chat about some of them. It started with Smodcast – the fairly regular podcast from Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier (hence the name), who chat about … stuff. It started out as a way for two old friends to spend…

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