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1986 as a pivotal year for comic books

1986 As A Pivotal Year For Comic Books

It started as a bit of an in-joke with my partner: I would on occasion talk about various comic book topics; when I started on another a while later, the only thing she could remember was the year ‘1986’ and its role in comic book history, so whenever I mentioned another topic, she would say, ‘1986?’ It recurred so frequently,…

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Defining superheroes

Defining Superheroes

When I reviewed The Old Guard film, I read some reviews to see what other people thought of the movie. What surprised me was seeing more than once the phrase ‘superhero movie’ to describe The Old Guard. WTF? How is The Old Guard a superhero movie? Did people come to that conclusion just because it is a film adapted from…

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Various Vertigo comic books

Recollections of Vertigo Comics

It was sad but not completely surprising news that DC Comics would be shuttering its Vertigo imprint last year. With the official closing this year, the comic book industry lost an imprint that changed the way comic books were made and appreciated by the rest of the world and paved the way for the creator-owned explosion. I thought I’d belatedly…

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Comparing DC and Marvel Chronicles

Comparing DC Comics and Marvel Chronicles

DC Comics Year By Year: A Visual Chronicle (2012 edition; first published 2010)Marvel Chronicle: A Year By Year History (2011 edition; first published 2008) Both 352 pages, both published by DK; DC book: 22 cm × 26 cm; Marvel book: 26 cm × 30.5 cm The COVID-19 pandemic has provided the time to consider all sorts of odd notions, such…

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RBdigital Library screenshot

RBdigital Library Comic Book Selection

In talking about my experiences with physical libraries, I made a dismissive remark about the limited selection of comic books available to read in the digital library offering from various London boroughs. The COVID-19 pandemic lockdown has prevented access to real-world libraries, so what better time to examine the available selection of comic books to read on your tablet/laptop/desktop from…

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Covers of comic books by Black creators

Black Comic Book Creators

This blog is not political, but the current state of the world means that talking about the entertainments I consume without mentioning it would seem ridiculous. Black Lives Matter. It’s that simple. Racism against people of colour and Black people in particular is wrong. The White Supremacist-in-Chief who currently leads the US and got to power through stoking racism is…

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Comic Books and me 2019

Comic Books And Me 2019

Technically, this is still a comic book blog – that’s how it started out, all those years ago, and although the blog has wandered into other areas of my pop-culture consumption (films, comedy, books, etc.), writing about comic books and comic book-related things is the still the primary driving force behind the continued existence of this blog. However, despite my…

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