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Why I Never Did Stand-up Comedy

In my youth, I consumed vast amounts of stand-up comedy – I was a teenager when alternative comedy started and the comedy club boom hit the UK. The only side effect that came with watching hours of (mostly) men delivering routines, either on tape or live in clubs, was the bizarre feeling that I thought I could do comedy. I…

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Men Liking RomComs

Old Writing: An Article About Men Liking RomComs

[This is an old piece of writing – from 2005 – which was an attempt to write an article for a women’s magazine about why men should like romantic comedies. I never tried to actually send it, but I do like the attempt, which is why I thought I’d post it on my blog.] “I’m just a girl, standing in…

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Memories of an American Football Game

Memory: An Englishman Watching A Live American Football Game

[An old memory, from my time living in America, as I tried to capture my experience of going to an American football match, having only watched it on television.] Sunday, 15 September 2002. Indianapolis, Indiana. I have a ticket to see the Miami Dolphins take on the Indianapolis Colts at the RCA Dome, kick-off at noon. There is a nice…

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Primary Colors film poster

Retro Film Reviews: Primary Colours

[The final trip down memory lane, because this is the last film review I did for the student newspaper. This was published on 24 June 1998 – another gap of several months between this and the previous review. I wish I could remember why I was so infrequently used – the review editor probably assuaged me with ‘trying to use…

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Good Will Hunting film poster

Retro Film Review: Good Will Hunting

[Another film review written for my student newspaper, this time from 6 March 1998. A quick note to explain the first sentence: Felix was and presumably still is the student paper of Imperial College, one of the top universities in the UK, and known originally for the more technical sciences and having a heavily male, and nerdy, student body. I’m…

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Face/Off film poster

Retro Film Review: Face/Off

[Another of my film reviews for my student newspaper, this time from 7 November 1997. I remember that I begged the film editor to review this film when it came out, because I was a big fan of John Woo’s Hong Kong films. It was apparently tough to get a preview screening, because it was distributed by Buena Vista, who…

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Fools Rush In film poster

Retro Film Review: Fools Rush In

[Continuing my posting of film reviews I wrote for my student newspaper, this one from 31 October 1997. I was happy to be reviewing this – I like romantic comedies, and I think Salma Hayek is rather sexy (shh, don’t tell my girlfriend) – and the review got prime position on top of the page, with a photo of Hayek…

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Ma Vie En Rose film poster

Retro Film Review: Ma Vie En Rose

[This the second of my film reviews during my time of writing reviews for my student newspaper, this one from 24 October 1997. I was given a word limit for this review, because I think that the film reviews editor knew that he didn’t want to give too much space on the film page to an arthouse foreign movie. At…

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Hard Eight film poster

Retro Film Review: Hard Eight

[As I mentioned before, I did film reviews for my student newspaper a long time ago. I turned up to volunteer my services and the film editor luckily said I could have a go. I was happy just to be seeing films for free before they came out in the cinema; writing the review was just icing on the cake.…

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