hacked screen

Blogging Badge of Honour: My WordPress Got Hacked

(Image by Darwin Laganzon from Pixabay.) Well, I say, ‘Hacked’ … ‘Hacked’ sounds really ominous, like I was the target of a deliberate attack for nefarious purposes. Disclaimer: nope. What happened was that some bots looking for a weakness in plugins that weren’t updated and then dropped in some malicious code to mess up my website. And that’s why I…

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Comic Books and me 2019

Comic Books And Me 2019

Technically, this is still a comic book blog – that’s how it started out, all those years ago, and although the blog has wandered into other areas of my pop-culture consumption (films, comedy, books, etc.), writing about comic books and comic book-related things is the still the primary driving force behind the continued existence of this blog. However, despite my…

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MCU ranking list

Ranking My Favourite MCU Films

Ranking lists of the Marvel Cinematic Universe films. There are many like it, but this one is mine. The MCU has changed the nature of cinematic franchises – every studio is trying desperately to ape the model that they have created, without truly understanding what they’ve done and how they’ve done it (which is standard operating procedure for Hollywood, but…

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Fearscape #1 cover

Comic Book Review: Fearscape #1

Writer: Ryan O’Sullivan Illustrator: Andrea Mutti Colourist: Vladmimir Popov Letters: Andworld Design Publishers: Vault Comics Ryan O’Sullivan, a writer, is writing a comic book about a writer who is not a good writer but is the author of the comic book while being an unreliable narrator and an unpleasant human being, in a story about the idea of writing (and…

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