Mark Waid: Writer Top Five part 1

Writer Top Five: Mark Waid

When it comes to comic books, Mark Waid has done it all. To quote his bio on his digital comics site, Thrillbent, ‘Mark has written thousands of comic books and graphic novels in his 28-year career’, and that’s not even up to date – trying to cover his comic-book biography succinctly is impossible, so this will be a very broad…

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Absolute Art by Adam Hughes

Comic Book Artist: Adam Hughes

Time for a semi-regular post in my series about comic book artists whose work I enjoy, a little bit about their career and my intersections with that career. Today: Adam Hughes, an artist known for his beautiful women but he has a range that is so much more, although he doesn’t do nearly enough interior work now that he is…

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Lockdown Theatre

Lockdown Theatre Notes

The COVID-19 pandemic has shut down the entertainment industry, which relies on people leaving their houses and paying money to be distracted from the world for a few hours. Theatres in the UK responded by putting some of their plays online for a week at a time, helping people to distracted in these unprecedented times while also asking for donations…

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hacked screen

Blogging Badge of Honour: My WordPress Got Hacked

(Image by Darwin Laganzon from Pixabay.) Well, I say, ‘Hacked’ … ‘Hacked’ sounds really ominous, like I was the target of a deliberate attack for nefarious purposes. Disclaimer: nope. What happened was that some bots looking for a weakness in plugins that weren’t updated and then dropped in some malicious code to mess up my website. And that’s why I…

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Comic Books and me 2019

Comic Books And Me 2019

Technically, this is still a comic book blog – that’s how it started out, all those years ago, and although the blog has wandered into other areas of my pop-culture consumption (films, comedy, books, etc.), writing about comic books and comic book-related things is the still the primary driving force behind the continued existence of this blog. However, despite my…

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