My films to be buried with

My Films To Be Buried With

As I mentioned in my post about podcasts I’m listening to, I enjoy Brett Goldstein’s Films To Be Buried With. It’s essentially Desert Island Discs but for movies, which is fine with me, and the answers to the questions that Goldstein asks his guests (see the list below) reveal more than would be expected from something so straightforward. So, I…

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Various Vertigo comic books

Recollections of Vertigo Comics

It was sad but not completely surprising news that DC Comics would be shuttering its Vertigo imprint last year. With the official closing this year, the comic book industry lost an imprint that changed the way comic books were made and appreciated by the rest of the world and paved the way for the creator-owned explosion. I thought I’d belatedly…

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Cats sleeping in bed

Why Cats Are Excellent Preparation For Children

Disclaimer: I know that cats and children are not equivalent. My tongue is so firmly in my cheek that the two have fused into a new, fused Möbius-strip, vestigial organ called a ‘toneek’ that is evolutionarily pointless and extremely painful. I don’t have kids and know nothing about raising children; this is not meant to be anything serious. OK? My…

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The Old Guard movie poster

Notes On A Film: The Old Guard

In my recent review of first volume of The Old Guard collection, I said that I would review the film once it started streaming on Netflix, so this is me keeping that promise. Before I watched the film, I had low expectations because the reviews weren’t recommendations (of the two-star variety, although James Dyer of Empire magazine revised the recommendation…

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The Old Guard wraparound cover

Comic Book Review – The Old Guard Book One: Opening Fire

The Old Guard #1–5Created by Greg Rucka and Leandro FernándezColours by Daniela Miwa, Letters by Jodi WynnePublished by Image Comics Because I’m trying to return to regular blogging, I thought I’d try some of that ‘scheduling content’ stuff, where the blogger talks about something that is relevant to the time at which it is posted (not my strong point, I…

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RBdigital Library screenshot

RBdigital Library Comic Book Selection

In talking about my experiences with physical libraries, I made a dismissive remark about the limited selection of comic books available to read in the digital library offering from various London boroughs. The COVID-19 pandemic lockdown has prevented access to real-world libraries, so what better time to examine the available selection of comic books to read on your tablet/laptop/desktop from…

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Podcasts I Am Listening To

Podcasts I Listen To 2020

I was reading an article by Miranda Sawyer about podcasts, detailing some of the history (such as Apple adding a podcast app to their iPhones in 2005, which was the same year that the word ‘podcast’ was added to the dictionary), and it got me thinking about my podcast history and what podcasts I subscribe to and listen to on…

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Covers of comic books by Black creators

Black Comic Book Creators

This blog is not political, but the current state of the world means that talking about the entertainments I consume without mentioning it would seem ridiculous. Black Lives Matter. It’s that simple. Racism against people of colour and Black people in particular is wrong. The White Supremacist-in-Chief who currently leads the US and got to power through stoking racism is…

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Mark Waid: Writer Top Five part 1

Writer Top Five: Mark Waid

When it comes to comic books, Mark Waid has done it all. To quote his bio on his digital comics site, Thrillbent, ‘Mark has written thousands of comic books and graphic novels in his 28-year career’, and that’s not even up to date – trying to cover his comic-book biography succinctly is impossible, so this will be a very broad…

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