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Alan Davis at NICE 2012

My Embarrassingly Late Notes About The Northants International Comics Expo

The first Northants International Comics Expo (I think the ‘International’ is stretching it, but I guess they wanted the groovy acronym; a bit like the Dublin International Comics Expo wanted ‘D.I.C.E.’) was held in Wicksteed Park, Kettering, on Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 September. I attended on the Saturday because that was the day with the greatest reason to be there…

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Comic Book Cameos

You can call it cameos. You can call it Easter Eggs. You can call it in-jokes. Whatever your name of preference, it is one thing that comic book art can do better and easier than just about any form of entertainment I can think of. The artist can tell the story but put in little references to other things, if…

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X-Men and the ClanDestine #1 cover

ClanDestine Week: The X-Men Special

X-Men and the ClanDestine #1 (October 1996) A year after the end of the series, Alan was given the opportunity to round up support for his creation – nothing like slapping an ‘X’ on a comic book to increase sales. And Davis had form with the X-Men – apart from his run on Excalibur, he came to prominence drawing New…

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ClanDestine Week: The Second Half

Welcome back for ClanDestine Week, where we’ll look at the second half of the Alan Davis run on the first series of ClanDestine. Issue 5 – ‘Genie-ology’ The origin issue. Adam tells Rory and Pandora the story of how he became immortal and sired children with unnatural abilities in the family graveyard (we see tombstones for Sherlock [Holmes, perhaps?], Garth…

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ClanDestine Week: Prologue

ClanDestine: A Prologue, in which I explain why I’m writing about The ClanDestine I’m not one of those comic book bloggers who have a ‘thing’ in addition to their blogging about comic books, such as Neilalien and his love of Dr Strange, Mike Sterling and his love of Swamp Thing, or even Dorian and his love of Wildcat. (Or Chris…

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Comic Review – Fantastic Four: The End

Fantastic Four: The End by Alan Davis (inks by Mark Farmer) The future: long after the Mutant War (don’t know what it is but it sounds cool). A deranged Dr Doom attacks the Fantastic Four; Franklin and Valeria Richards join in to help but die with Doom due to an energy reaction between Doom and Franklin … Reed is relating…

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