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Siege collection cover

Siege TPB

Siege: The Cabal (drawn by Michael Lark) and Siege #1–4 (drawn by Olivier Coipel), written by Brian Michael Bendis Reading this collection really brought home the odd aspect of reading a lot of contributing series in trade paperback form. I read New Avengers, Dark Avengers, Captain America, Iron Man and Secret Warriors in trade form; these all come out at…

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Dark Avengers: Assemble cover

Dark Avengers: Assemble TPB

Dark Avengers #1–6 by Brian Michael Bendis and Mike Deodato I rather liked Warren Ellis’ 12-issue run on Thunderbolts, which is effectively what the Dark Avengers are: the Thunderbolts masquerading as the Avengers. Bendis has always admired Ellis as a writer, so working on the same concept was probably a lot of fun for him. He even got the same…

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New Avengers: Search for the Sorcerer Supreme cover

The New Avengers: Search For The Sorcerer Supreme

The New Avengers #51–54 by Brian Michael Bendis, Billy Tan and Chris Bachalo Time to catch up with more trade paperbacks I purchased over the course of the months in which I wasn’t blogging regularly. Today, the latest New Avengers paperback collection. I have been enjoying the odd mix of stories that Bendis has been creating in The New Avengers,…

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Secret Invasion #1 cover

Comic Review: Secret Invasion #1

By Brian Michael Bendis and Leinil Yu I know I’m rather late to proceedings, but that has never stopped me before. This week, I have been posting my thoughts on recent books from the library written by Bendis, in roughly chronological order (apart from my review of the first New Avengers trade here, showing that I’ve been interested since the…

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House of M collection cover

From A Library: House of M

House of M #1–8 by Brian Michael Bendis & Oliver Coipel A series where I knew the result (‘No more mutants’) without reading the actual comic books themselves, I wanted to read this because I enjoy Bendis’ work and I quite like alternate timeline stories. Now that I’ve read it, I realised I didn’t need to read it; the end…

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Secret War cover

From A Library: Secret War

Secret War #1–5 by Brian Michael Bendis and Gabriele Dell-otto In an attempt at journalistic integrity, I should mention that the trade also collects Secret Files, not written by Bendis, but based on the Bendis-written info-pieces at the end of each individual issue. It doesn’t really count as part of the story, and is really only for the super hardcore…

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