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No Comics Again? Am I That Unlucky?

No new comics again this week. I’m getting worried I’m not buying enough comics. Not that my bank balance is complaining, stingy bastard that I am, but it’s weird that I’m not getting a regular dose of the new comic book. Is it just my turning into a grumpy old git, moaning about how things were better in the old…

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Thinking about masterpiece runs

Greg has a very interesting post at Comics should Be Good about quasi-masterpieces, runs of comics by creators that are defining and the peak of their work. It’s a large subject to discuss, and requires someone with a greater range of comic book history than Greg has, something to which he readily admits. The post got me thinking about my…

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Considering Current Comics

Apart from getting rid of old comics (Trimming the Collection), reading a variety of stuff I wouldn’t buy (From A Library), and being silly (Q&A), I do actually buy comics as they come out. Shocking, I know. Since starting a new job that is in the opposite direction from my comic shop and home, I don’t get to buy them…

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