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That's Me In The Corner

Book – That’s Me In The Corner

When I mentioned I had bought a book by Andrew Collins in my post about the oddity that was my presence on the Wikipedia page for The Collings and Herrin Podcast, this was the book I to which I was referring. I would like to point out that I didn’t buy the book because Richard Herring asked all the nerds,…

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Where Did It All Go Right? cover

Book – Where Did It All Go Right?

By Andrew Collins Andrew Collins – journalist (various magazines, including NME, Q, Empire), editor (Empire, Q, Radio Times film reviews), broadcaster (Radio 1 show, movie review show in ITV, 6 Music), television writer (Eastenders, Not Going Out) – obviously likes doing different things. He has become a blogger after all of this, and he’s even written some proper books that…

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