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Death Sentence collection cover

Comic Book Review: Death Sentence Vol. 1

Death Sentence #1–6 Script and covers by Montynero Art and colours by Mike Dowling Letters by Comicraft’s Jimmy Betancourt Edited by Andrew James Published by Titan Comics One of the delights about being given comic books to review is discovering something really good by creators whose work I’ve never seen. Death Sentence is a perfect example: I didn’t know who…

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Dragons Riders Of Berk: Dragon Down

Comic Book Review – Dragons: Riders Of Berk Volume One Dragon Down

Script: Simon Furman Pencils: Iwan Nazif Inks: Iwan Nazif (with Bambos Georgiou) Colours: Nestor Pereyra & Digikore Letters: David Manley-Leach Publishers: Titan Comics [Apologies for the absence in posting: I’ve been moving house, which I think it’s a legitimate excuse. At least it means that this connects this review with the arrival of How To Train Your Dragon 2 in…

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The Absence cover

Comic Book Review: The Absence

The Absence #1–6 by Martin Stiff Published by Titan Comics The Absence was originally a black & white self-published series, between 2009 and 2013, but Titan Comics have collected the complete story into a 272-page hardcover. This is a good thing because this is a very good comic book that deserves this treatment, but also because it means you can read…

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It Came cover

Comic Book Review: It Came!

It Came! #1–4 Created, written and illustrated by Dan Boultwood, Esq. Published by Titan Comics Presented as a lost feature from Pinetree Studios (there is also a trailer for another feature, The Lost Valley Of The Lost [‘Based entirely on scientifically dubious fabricated facts’], and tongue-in-cheek adverts for such products as Smoke & Choke’um Cigarettes, Liquid Hair, Johnny Foreigner Engine…

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Chronos Commandos cover

Comic Book Review – Chronos Commandos Volume 1: Dawn Patrol

Chronos Commandos #1–5 Created, written and illustrated by Stuart Jennett Lettered by Andrew James, Donna Jennett, Gabriela Houston Edited by Andrew James Published by Titan Comics Jennett worked on a few issues of Marvel UK’s Warheads and 2000AD in the early 1990s, before the comic book crash closed down Marvel UK and he became a concept artist in the games…

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Numbercruncher cover

Comic Book Review: Numbercruncher

Numbercruncher #1–4 Written by Si Spurrier Art by PJ Holden Coloured by Jordie Bellaire Lettered by Simon Bowland Published by Titan Comics Numbercruncher is a creator-owned series that was first published in Judge Dredd Megazine in 2011, which was then collected and updated by Titan Comics with new material and colouring by Bellaire. The collection is warranted by the simple…

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