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Links: Oddities and commentaries

There’s some items I read that hit me and I have the urge to remember it, just in case I forget or need to proof to back up my failing memory. That’s what these sort of posts are for – helping me with my senility.

Firstly, a review of Nathan Barley that is enjoying the show as well. Strange how this programme, mocking hipper-than-thou journalist types, seems to get a lot of coverage from journos …

Secondly, a review of A Life In The Theatre from Londonist, who provide a more general review of the play, compared to the theatre reviewers (who only seem to write for other theatre reviewers, and not people who see a play infrequently, like me). They like it, which is good news, as I’m taking my girlfriend to see it on her birthday (she already knows, so it’s not a secret or anything).

Regarding remembering to do things, I wanted to write about these two items yesterday but, erm … forgot. Ahem. This item documents Star Trek fans attempts to keep Enterprise on the air. I find most Star Trek fans to be intelligent, but this seems stupid. Persuading corporations to change their mind on a show that’s losing money, asking another channel to take on a show that not many people like, and then asking fans for money in order to keep it going. Utterly bizarre. And they wonder why people mock them?

Also, the new Bugs Bunny thing. Dave posted about it yesterday, which was where I first read about it, but his news link to CBS didn’t take me to the story. So, I’ve Googled to find it here, with some images of the Bugs Bunny of the future, who looks a little bit embarrassing, to say the least. Why anyone thought this necessary is beyond me, but it matches the recent changes to Desperate Dan, and to his home comic, The Dandy, so there must be some sort of viral thing going around. Personally, I can’t see these sorts of things appealing, but I also don’t want to be a grumpy old man, complaining how things were better in the old days and kids these days. However, Bugs Bunny looks stupid, and that’s that.

There’s probably more but, as I said, I’ve probably forgotten them already …

Edit: I knew there was something. Mike knows how to make his audience laugh, and probably increase his hit rate, with this. And people talk about the power of the medium of comics for art?

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