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Low calorie posting

I’m not feeling too hot today, so no content-rich post from the Clandestine Critic today (see how unwell I am – I referred to myself in the third person …)

Instead, a little stroll through around the inter-porn-web-net, as I comment on a few things I’ve seen …

Paul O’Brien, after the madness of the comments caused by his Ninth Art article, has a State of the X-Axis in which he announces the start of a new blog, If Destroyed, Still True, in which he writes reviews of non-comics things, such as films and comedy shows from the Edinburgh Festival. He is a very enjoyable writer to read, so it’s great to see him spread his wings.

(According to Kung-Fu Jesus on Urban Dicitionary, If Destroyed, Still True is ‘Added to the end of written insults (most likely graffiti) to say that even if it is removed, then the fact remains that the insult is true.’ which, according to The Law of the Playground, is a primary school thing; I had never heard of it before, so it must be a Northern thing …)

Erik Larsen seems like a really good bloke based on his column. I particularly like his comment about having a letter printed in a comic: ‘And there are few things more exciting than seeing your letter in print.’ It’s a topic I’ve been planning to post about, as I tell you all which comics I had letters published in and how I felt about them.

Greg has an interesting post about comics that have good books that have ‘failed’ by not getting past the 10-issue mark, based on the demise of The Intimates. In the comments, people rightly mention Vext, Heckler and Chase as other examples. I think that Greg’s cut-off point is a little low, mainly because it means that Xero doesn’t count because it only got to 12 issues, but it could be a time thing; back then, 12 issues was a failure; nowadays, not getting to the year is perhaps more common.

Logan confuses me by purchasing National Treasure, a film he has never seen and then being surprised when he doesn’t enjoy it. I find this baffling, personally, especially as he could have read my review 🙂 As I state in his comments, I have a DVD purchase policy: I only buy DVDs that I really enjoyed, either seeing them in the cinema or on DVD beforehand, and then they should have good extras. If they are vanilla discs, then they get purchased when cheap (e.g. when Virgin or HMV does a sale and they go down to <£6).

Reading this post from Mark, I found out about the blogaround challenge set by Laura, which sounds like an excellent idea, and is something I intend to do when at full strength. It’s something I’d been considering doing recently, talking about the various blogs I read and why I enjoy them, so a case of convergent evolution, I think. And I’m not doing it because Jim says nice things about me in his post in response to the challenge …

Hopefully, I’ll be up to more posting tomorrow.

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