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DC Solicitations for April

A quick peek at what DC has to offer that tickles my fancy (from here).

Supergirl #7 sees the debut of Greg Rucka, who is a good writer; I’m conflicted, though, as to whether this will be a good fit, even though the concept seems enduringly goofy enough (Supergirl and Power Girl as Flamebird and Nightwing in the bottle city of Kandor). I enjoy Rucka writing non-superhero comics but I don’t feel the same sparkle when he handles the fetish suits.

Checkmate seems more suited to Rucka, with the start of a new series, with Jesus Saiz on art duties, with the ‘SHIELD done right’ concept of a spy agency in a superhero universe. (Why haven’t Marvel got a SHIELD ongoing series? Perhaps because it doesn’t work in the long term?) However, it’s all tied into the Infinite Crisis nonsense I have been deliberately avoiding, which makes me feel uncomfortable. I shall wait for the reviews and the inevitable trade.

I don’t fully understand all the complicated shenanigans of the Superboy/time bubble/Mon-el stuff that is a big part of the Legion of Super Heroes, but doesn’t the presence of Supergirl just open that can of worms again?

As an aside, I’d like to say that I like the covers from Daniel Acuna that have been popping up over the last few months. Nice, slick style and design.

Seven Soldiers #1, the final issue! (Bizarre numbering …) A tingle of anticipation just from seeing the cover, can’t wait to see how this finishes.

The Ex Machina special sounds like fun, and it will be interesting to see someone else delineate the adventures of Mayor Hundred other than Tony Harris (I’ve always liked Sprouse’s art), but why does it need a special? Is this to allow Harris a break? Surely it would be fine within the confines of the ongoing series?

I like the idea for Bite Club: Vampire Crime Unit, even if I didn’t read the first series. The mixing of the vampire and police procedural has an attractive appeal; however, I haven’t enjoyed any recent material co-written by Howard Chaykin and David Tischman in a while (I gave American Century a long try, but it didn’t hold.) Great Frank Quitely cover, though.

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