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TV Catch-Up: Being Human

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A common theme in these last few posts about my recent television viewing is the odd choice of channel that airs the show. Being Human joins this list because BBC3 is not the home of supernatural drama.

Being Human is about two friends who work in menial jobs in a hospital. Their connection is that they are not normal: Mitchell is a vampire and George is a werewolf. All they want is to be normal, which is obviously difficult for them. They decide to share a flat to help them feel more normal – it turns out that it already has a ghost occupant: Annie, the former owner.

When it turns out that both Mitchell and George can see Annie, who is simply a lost soul who doesn’t want to leave the flat where she died, the three of them find a happy medium (no pun intended) where they can co-exist in supernatural harmony.

The hour-long drama has other aspects to it (Mitchell created another vampire at the start of the show, and is approached by the cabal of vampires in the neighbourhood who want to reassert their superiority over the humans and want Mitchell to choose sides; George sees an old girlfriend on whom he walked out after discovery of his curse) but it is more to do with the interplay between the three main characters – the discussion in the pub at the end of which house in Hogwarts they would be in is extremely funny and indicative of the vibe of the programme.

Being Human is an excellent little programme, so I was amazed to discover that it was only a pilot, one of several to be shown on BBC3. It felt so assured, so complete and fully formed, it didn’t feel like a pilot. I would happily watch a full series of this, and I’m not the only one: there is an online petition for the BBC to make a complete series, and there is of course a Facebook page to the same end. I don’t think that either of these will help, but it would be nice if it did persuade the Beeb to do the right thing and continue the series.

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