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Minutemen: Because Everybody Else Will Do The Same

There is no need for me to post this image of the Minutemen from the Watchmen film (from Ain’t It Cool News), because everyone will be doing the same and commenting on it. However, the very fact that this image exists is something for celebrating (for everyone apart from Alan Moore, perhaps).

This is a true-to-the-book photograph of the original superheroes in the graphic novel – quite extraordinary. My first impression? It looks like a recovered photo of a comic con costume parade from before comic cons existed. I guess that’s the idea – they are supposed to look disturbingly geeky and silly – but the reality of the photograph is even more excrutiating than I expected. It’s just so damned odd seeing this image as a reality – Hooded Justice looks even weirder than in the book – but I can’t bring myself to mock it (even the ridiculous Mothman). It just makes me laugh to look at it, but in a good way. Bring on the film.

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