X-Statix Presents: Dead Girl cover

X-Statix Presents: Dead Girl TPB

X-Statix Presents: Dead Girl #1–5 by Peter Milligan and Nick Dragotta & Mike Allred

I bought (and still have somewhere in my longboxes) the issues of X-Force where Milligan and Allred created X-Statix, but I was never a great fan of them; however, I was impressed that Marvel allowed the series to exist. The memory of them was obviously popular enough to greenlight this mini-series, even if it’s a Dr Strange mini-series co-starring Dead Girl (which was another bargain I picked up in a sale; I’m a terrible person).

There is something wrong in Hell, and Dr Strange must investigate, with the aid of a guide: Dead Girl, who seems to spend her days with her other dead friends (Gwen Stacey, Mockingbird and Moira MacTaggart) in a book club. Along the way, we also see other dead characters – most of X-Statix, in fact, as Milligan and Allred killed them off in the original series – as we take a few detours around the trippier realms of the dead.

This is a charming and very silly little story. Milligan has fun with his own characters, Dead Girl in particular (or Moonbeam, as we find out here), but he has a great angle on Dr Strange, giving him haemorrhoids (actually, a spell by the Ancient One, who is in Hell, because he was jealous of Stephen) and a depression and a dandyish air. He even gets some funny lines: ‘Ant-Man – you’re bigger than this.’ Well, it made me laugh. It was nice to see the X-Statix characters again, sensitive Guy (Orphan), angry Tike (Anarchist), capricious Edie (U-Go-Girl), in the same artistic style by Dragotta and Allred, still plying the same vein of parody of superheroes (in this case, what happens to them when they die), but we don’t need any more X-Statix stories. However, based on this, Milligan should be allowed to write a Dr Strange story whenever he wants.

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