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Comics I Bought 18 June 2010

After yesterday’s lengthy post about many comics, today’s will thankfully be shorter; I bought Atlas #2 as well, but I’ll be talking about Agents of Atlas/Atlas at a later date, so it will only be two comics for discussion.

The Boys #43
I started out enjoying The Boys – Garth Ennis is a good writer and Darick Robertson is a good artist, and I was interested in the adventures of Hughie and Butcher and the rest – but the feeling has been diminishing of late. The art fill-ins haven’t been consistent, and Ennis’ cynicism towards superheroes has become slightly wearing. The Herogasm mini-series seemed a cynical cash-in, an attempt to do a bi-weekly series of The Boys rather than an important spin-off. Now, with this issue jumping to $3.99 in price and another mini-series on the way (with more John McCrea art that wasn’t as good as his days on Hitman), it seems the perfect time to jump ship. I might check it out in trade paperback – Ennis is a good writer after all – but I’m sure it will survive without me.

Fables #96
In which we discover how Rose Red and Snow White were separated. Split apart by their mother (a witch who was trying to protect them from the machinations of the king of their land, who was trying to amend the mistake of his son, the prince from the previous issue who had been rescued from an enchantment by the sisters and who had sworn to marry Snow White), Red had never been the same after she was told Snow was dead, then to find out that she was alive all along. Bill Willingham also includes the Snow White story we know so well, with perhaps darker aspects hinted at without going into detail, as Rose is told the true story by her mother. A well-told story, perfect art for the material – Fables is deservedly the biggest Vertigo comic of the moment.

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