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Comics I Bought 12 August 2010

Or in this case, Comic I Bought, because I couldn’t find a copy of Morning Glories #1 in town, which came out this week. It was my own fault for not preordering it, but it wasn’t until I saw a preview and an interview with the creator about the book that I decided I wanted to try it out. That’s a lesson for you to learn, kids. On with the single purchase of the day.

The Unwritten #16
In which Tom Taylor has a chat with his father, which explains some things, doesn’t explain many more things, and leaves questions to be answered. I think this issue marks the end of the first part of the story, and the move into another section. It also sees the strongest parallels to the Harry Potter story: the wand (Glitterspar), ‘your Sue and your Peter’, the magic. But it also has differences, the main being the story of Lizzie Hexam, and the nice twist involving the publisher of the new Tommy Taylor story at the midnight launch. There’s a lot to enjoy and intrigue in the story of The Unwritten, with a conspiracy and the literary GPS and an evil henchman, and Mike Carey and Peter Gross are doing an excellent job of telling it.

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