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Comics I Bought 23 September 2010 Part 1

I’m trying to catch up on my thoughts on my weekly comic book buying – and then I don’t buy my comic books for several weeks. For various reasons, I wasn’t able to make it to the comic shop to pick up my books (including illness, as I mentioned). When I finally made it, it was to pick up three weeks of comic books. Normally, I would just do a large post containing thoughts on all the books, but I decided to do it differently this time. It is my blog – I can do what I want, you know. So, the large purchase will be split into its chronological components.

Books that came out on 9 September 2010:

Batman and Robin #14
Yes, there was only one comic book that came out in the first week that I didn’t get round to purchasing. But at least it was a good one. Grant Morrison makes things worse for Dick Grayson, as Damian lets his anger get the better of himself at the Joker and the Joker shows why he is the Joker, Commissioner Gordon is in trouble, and Professor Pyg and the Black Glove are up to something. The real charm to this book is the art: Frazer Irving does a great job here – it’s moody, scary, intense, well designed, powerful, creepy (he does a great Joker). I love the painted feel, the strong line for the outlines of characters, the different colours for different scenes – when DC get artists who don’t adhere to the house style, they do get some great artists, and they usually end up working with Morrison.

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