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Fashion Beast collection cover

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Fashion Beast #1–10 Story by Malcolm McLaren and Alan Moore Script by Alan Moore Sequential adaptation by Antony Johnston Art by Facundo Percio Colours by Hernan Cabrera Letters by Jaymes Reed Published by Avatar Press Dark Horse are publishing a comic book adaptation of George Lucas’ original screenplay for The Star Wars, an early version of Star Wars. Dynamite published…

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King City cover

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King City #1–12 by Brandon Graham To read King City is to enter into one man’s singular vision captured in 424 pages of paper with pencil and ink. Twelve issues of a mostly plotless story (as Graham admits in the outro) in an otherly world of delightful inventiveness and wonderful imagination. The protagonist of the book is Joe, who has…

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Star Trek: Countdown To Darkness Cover

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Story by Roberto Orci & Mike Johnson Script by Mike Johnson Pencils by David Messina Inks by Marina Castelvetro Colours by Claudia Scarletgothica Letters by Chris Mowry Edited by Scott Dunbier Published by Titan Books As the title of the book suggests, this is a prequel leading directly into Star Trek Into Darkness, meaning that themes and ideas are introduced…

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Modesty Blaise: Girl in the Iron Mask

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Written by Peter O’Donnell Art by Enric Badia Romero Published by Titan Books I grew up in London, so would occasionally see the Modesty Blaise strip in the Evening Standard newspapers discarded on the trains in the underground. I was always amazed that the strip survived so long, with only three panels of fairly small black and white art, the…

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Hit-Girl cover

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Kick-Ass 2 Prelude: Hit-Girl #1–5 Written by Mark Millar Pencils by John Romita Jr Inks by Tom Palmer Colours by Dean White Letters by Chris Eliopoulos Edits by Jennifer Lee Published by Titan Books Warning: before buying this comic book, you should be made aware that it is not ‘real-life’ superheroes. Ignore what Millar says in interviews – this is…

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Dead Space TPB cover

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Dead Space #1–6 Written by Antony Johnston Art by Ben Templesmith Dead Space Salvage Written by Antony Johnston Art by Christopher Shy Published by Titan Books As I mentioned in my review of Dead Space Liberation, there were two other Dead Space trade paperbacks released to coincide with the publication of Dead Space Liberation. Dead Space is a six-issue prequel…

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Dead Space Liberation Cover

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Written by Ian Edginton Art by Christopher Shy Published by Titan Books Dead Space is a popular video game, a third-player shooter where the main character fights ‘Necromorphs’ (human corpses reanimated by an alien virus) aboard a spaceship. The first one was released in 2008 (of note, Warren Ellis was involved in writing some stuff for the original game about…

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Stitched Vol. 1 cover

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Stitched #1–7 Original story by Garth Ennis Script and art by Mike Wolfer Colour by Digikore Studios Published by Avatar Press Stitched is a 17-minute short film from 2011, written and directed by Garth Ennis (view the trailer here). I have to admit I was surprised when I heard that Ennis had moved from brilliant comic book writer into the…

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Ferals Vol 1 Cover

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Ferals #1–6 Written by David Lapham Art by Gabriel Andrade Colour by Digikore Studios Published by Avatar Press The small town of Cypress, Lake County, Minnesota. A man is found torn to shreds on the mountain, and his friend is the only person who cares; his friend is also the police in town, Officer Dale Chesnutt, a drunk and a womaniser, who…

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