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Selecting From The 52 New DC Titles

The first title in the ‘new’ DC universe of titles (I refuse to call it DCnU, which I think is very silly indeed but seems to have caught on) arrived yesterday in stores and online, both legally and unfortunately illegally, so it seemed about time to talk about the titles that interested me sufficiently to pick them up. An aside:…

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My London Comic Book Mart Experience

The National Collectors Marketplace is a regular mart for comic books, trading cards, books and merchandise related to science fiction, film and TV. According to the website, it is the largest of its sort, hosting 130 tables in the Royal National Hotel near Russell Square in central London. When I arrived on a wet Sunday at the beginning of the month,…

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Saturday At The London MCM Expo

I haven’t been to a convention since I attended the London Film and Comic Con in 2008, so it was about time I exposed myself to another celebration of geek culture. Mark Millar’s Kapow! might have been oriented more towards mainstream comic book (matching my tastes), but tickets for that sold out because it was so small (and I’ve started…

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Dodgem Logic #1 cover

Thoughts On Dodgem Logic

Dodgem Logic is, according to Alan Moore, ‘the 21st century’s first underground magazine’. There have been five issues so far, so it seemed like an opportunity to compile my thoughts on it. My reason for reading is obviously Alan Moore – he may have left comics but he’s still writing. He writes an editorial each issue, ‘Great Hipsters In History’…

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Why I Will Miss Wildstorm

Why I’ll Miss Wildstorm

With the sad news that Wildstorm will no longer be its own imprint within the DC, there have been many people lamenting the loss (including various creators at The Beat, Newsarama, as well as other people discussing the implications or just their favourite titles). I don’t have the eloquence or ‘big picture’ insight that some of those do, but I…

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