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There are many aspects of the Harry Potter films that have got darker as they have progressed, to be expected from a series about the rise of a dark wizard who killed the hero’s parents, with the last film including the onscreen death of an albeit minor character. And this doesn’t even mention the darkness of Daniel Radcliffe’e eyebrows. But…

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(When I said tomorrow, I obviously meant the day after the day after tomorrow. You knew that.) The third film is where things begin to click and is my personal favourite. It is utterly charming – Aunt Marge is still floating in the sky when we see Harry leave the Dursleys; Stan looking around the corner of the bus to…

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As the fifth Harry Potter film gets ready to hit our cinemas, and the final novel gets ready to assault our book shops, it seemed an appropriate time to remember the earlier films. I enjoy the books and the films, and have read and seen them a few times respectively. I’m not a Potter maniac, but I know my way…

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