The Wild Ways cover

Book Review: The Wild Ways

Written by Tanya Huff Published by Titan Books The Wild Ways is the follow-up to The Enchantment Emporium (which I reviewed here), focussing on Charlotte ‘Charlie’ Gale – she is a cousin of Alysha ‘Allie’ Gale, the lead in the first book, and was also a major character in the story. Unlike the other women in the Gale family (the…

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The Fell Sword cover

Book Review: The Fell Sword

Written by Miles Cameron Published by Gollancz This book is the second part of The Traitor Son cycle, and it’s another huge chunk of medieval fantasy after the wonderful initially entry, The Red Knight (which I reviewed here). Cameron has written another epic story about the Red Knight aka the Captain aka Gabriel Muriens, as he expands the scope of…

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Uber Vol #1 cover

Comic Book Review: Über Volume 1

Über #0–5 Written by Kieron Gillen Pencils by Caanan White Inks by Keith Williams Colours by Digikore Studios Letters by Kurt Hathaway Published by Avatar Press Germany, April 1945. The war is nearly over: Germany is overrun by the Russian army. However, General Guderian is approached by General Sankt with a different sort of army, the results of Projekt U…

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Further Encounters of Sherlock Holmes cover

Book Review: Further Encounters Of Sherlock Holmes

Edited by George Mann Published by Titan Books BBC’s Sherlock, CBS’s Elementary, the Guy Ritchie Sherlock Holmes films – the enduring appeal of one of the most famous fictional characters has never been more evident. You simply cannot have too many Sherlock Holmes stories. This anthology continues this tradition in fine form: all twelve stories are written in the style…

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The Absence cover

Comic Book Review: The Absence

The Absence #1–6 by Martin Stiff Published by Titan Comics The Absence was originally a black & white self-published series, between 2009 and 2013, but Titan Comics have collected the complete story into a 272-page hardcover. This is a good thing because this is a very good comic book that deserves this treatment, but also because it means you can read…

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It Came cover

Comic Book Review: It Came!

It Came! #1–4 Created, written and illustrated by Dan Boultwood, Esq. Published by Titan Comics Presented as a lost feature from Pinetree Studios (there is also a trailer for another feature, The Lost Valley Of The Lost [‘Based entirely on scientifically dubious fabricated facts’], and tongue-in-cheek adverts for such products as Smoke & Choke’um Cigarettes, Liquid Hair, Johnny Foreigner Engine…

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Chronos Commandos cover

Comic Book Review – Chronos Commandos Volume 1: Dawn Patrol

Chronos Commandos #1–5 Created, written and illustrated by Stuart Jennett Lettered by Andrew James, Donna Jennett, Gabriela Houston Edited by Andrew James Published by Titan Comics Jennett worked on a few issues of Marvel UK’s Warheads and 2000AD in the early 1990s, before the comic book crash closed down Marvel UK and he became a concept artist in the games…

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A Natural History Of Dragons cover

Book Review: A Natural History Of Dragons

A Memoir By Lady Trent written by Marie Brennan Published by Titan Books Marie Brennan, the pseudonym of Bryn Neuenschwander, is an American fantasy author who graduated from Harvard University and did graduate studies in folklore and anthropology. This means she is smart and has an affinity with science and mythology, and she brings a naturalness and clarity to her…

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