Wallace and Gromit: The Comic Strips Collection

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Wallace & Gromit: Comic Strips Collection – Volume 1: 2010–2011 Written and drawn by various Published by Titan Comics Fact: everyone loves Wallace and Gromit [citation needed], especially if you’re British. This includes me. The charm, the inventiveness, the attention to detail, the quirkiness, the humour, the Britishness – the short films and the full-length feature are joyous and amazing…

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Assassin's Creed: Ankh Of Isis Trilogy cover

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Assassin’s Creed: Desmond, Aquilus, Accipter and Assassin’s Creed: Hawk Written by Corbeyran Art by Djillali Defali English-language translation by Mark McKenzie-Ray Published by Titan Books Confession: I have never played Assassin’s Creed, the massively popular video game series, although I did enjoy its spiritual predecessor, Prince of Persia. This means that I have no knowledge of the game or the…

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Bridget Christie

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Let me say this before I start waffling: this show is funny, smart, silly and thoughtful about a serious issue that never overwhelms the fact that Bridget Christie knows she’s making jokes to make a point. It’s a very entertaining hour about feminism and the way that feminism is portrayed and trying to understand why it’s so difficult for people to…

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Open Theatre Company: Dracula

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Adapted and directed by Kate McGregor Starring Joseph Tregear as Jonathan Harker, Nicky Diss as Mina Harker, Vicky Gaskin as Miss Renfield, April Hughes as Lucy Westenra, David Knight as John Seward, Thomas Judd as Quincey Morris, Andy Mcleod as Abraham Van Helsing, Felix Trench as Arthur Holmwood On 31 October, instead of being bothered by children begging for sweets,…

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Thor: The Dark World Poster

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Do comic book sequels suffer from the problem that the origin story for superheroes is always the most interesting? This is the not necessarily unwanted problem that Marvel Studios now have, after the success of developing the films leading up to The Avengers and beyond. Iron Man 3 tried to close the circle for Tony Stark, but what to do…

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A1 cover

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A1: The World’s Best Comics Written and drawn by a host of talented creators Edited by Dave Elliott Published by Atomeka/Titan Comics I have fond memories of the original A1 – I still have the books somewhere in my collection – so it was a delightful nostalgia rush to receive the A1 Annual to review. It’s an anthology that contains…

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Grandville Mon Amour cover

From A Library: Grandville Mon Amour

Written and drawn by Bryan Talbot The Tower of London – a dog prisoner is to be executed until he makes a daring and murderous escape. Meanwhile, Detective Inspector LeBrock has not come out of his lodgings in over a week – he is still angry with himself and wallowing in self-pity because he blames himself for the death of…

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Fashion Beast collection cover

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Fashion Beast #1–10 Story by Malcolm McLaren and Alan Moore Script by Alan Moore Sequential adaptation by Antony Johnston Art by Facundo Percio Colours by Hernan Cabrera Letters by Jaymes Reed Published by Avatar Press Dark Horse are publishing a comic book adaptation of George Lucas’ original screenplay for The Star Wars, an early version of Star Wars. Dynamite published…

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King City cover

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King City #1–12 by Brandon Graham To read King City is to enter into one man’s singular vision captured in 424 pages of paper with pencil and ink. Twelve issues of a mostly plotless story (as Graham admits in the outro) in an otherly world of delightful inventiveness and wonderful imagination. The protagonist of the book is Joe, who has…

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