Johnny Red: Angels Over Stalingrad Cover

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Written by Tom Tully Drawn by Joe Colquhoun Published by Titan Books This is the third handsome hardback collection of strips of Johnny Red from Battle in 1978 (I reviewed the first volume previously), compiling the storyline where Johnny ‘Red’ Redburn, a British pilot who ended up in Russia fighting with a Russian fighter squadron after accidentally killing another British…

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Collegium 1: Foundation cover

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By Mercedes Lackey I like to think that I’m fairly well read, or at least read enough about the areas I’m interested to have some knowledge of a wide variety of different genre-related materials, so it’s slightly embarrassing to admit that, before reading these books, I had never heard of Mercedes Lackey, despite the fact that she is a best-selling…

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Not strictly a comic book adaptation – Green Hornet originated as a radio series in 1936 (the film states that it was based on the radio series): a newspaper publisher who fights crime as a masked hero by night with assistant Kato. It has had a complicated multi-media life since then: two movie serials in 1940/1941; various comic book series,…

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Alan Moore at NICE 2012

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The main part of N.I.C.E. finished at 5pm so that they could change the hall from the artists’ alley to a room to hold the waiting audience for Alan Moore’s appearance. Unfortunately, everything else in Wicksteed Park closed at the same time, meaning that there was little to do while waiting to be let back in (note to organisers of…

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Alan Davis at NICE 2012

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The first Northants International Comics Expo (I think the ‘International’ is stretching it, but I guess they wanted the groovy acronym; a bit like the Dublin International Comics Expo wanted ‘D.I.C.E.’) was held in Wicksteed Park, Kettering, on Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 September. I attended on the Saturday because that was the day with the greatest reason to be there…

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Looper poster

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The great thing about Looper is that it blends smart sci-fi with exciting action without losing anything from either element – that’s a smart trick to pull off. It has a strong and simple hook: in the future, time travel has been invented but immediately banned, used illegally by gangsters to send back people they want disposed in the past.…

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