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A Lost Weekend

It looks like I lasted 4 months this time before I broke my pledge to post something daily on this blog this year. I’m angry with myself that I didn’t post for the past three days, especially as I had already interrupted my run back in April, but I’m also angry with the manner in which it happened. Note: I…

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Writing Every Day Is Hard. Who Knew?

This is one of those posts whingeing about maintaining a blog, so please feel free to skip this post and move on to something more interesting instead. I’m not having a problem with finding material to write about – I’ve decided to catalogue all of my entertainment consumption, which means I’m still catching up on the films I’ve seen in…

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Bank Holiday Blog Review Blues

The dreariness of a bank holiday Monday in an English summer can have an affect on a person’s mood. It certainly permeated through to my recent blogging attitude or, rather, my consumption of material. Don’t get me wrong; I still enjoy comic books, films, comedy, books, but sometimes the product doesn’t inspire me to write about them. For example, I’ve…

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