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ClanDestine Week: The Second Half

Welcome back for ClanDestine Week, where we’ll look at the second half of the Alan Davis run on the first series of ClanDestine. Issue 5 – ‘Genie-ology’ The origin issue. Adam tells Rory and Pandora the story of how he became immortal and sired children with unnatural abilities in the family graveyard (we see tombstones for Sherlock [Holmes, perhaps?], Garth…

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ClanDestine Week: Prologue

ClanDestine: A Prologue, in which I explain why I’m writing about The ClanDestine I’m not one of those comic book bloggers who have a ‘thing’ in addition to their blogging about comic books, such as Neilalien and his love of Dr Strange, Mike Sterling and his love of Swamp Thing, or even Dorian and his love of Wildcat. (Or Chris…

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