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My Dead Body cover

Books: My Dead Body

I’ve really enjoyed the Joe Pitt cycle of books by Charlie Huston (see these four previous reviews), so I was really looking forward to the final book, My Dead Body (even if the title doesn’t suggest a happy outcome). I was not disappointed. It was fantastic and a perfect ending for the series. This book is the culmination of the…

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Every Last Drop cover

Book Review: Every Last Drop

Or, the fourth Joe Pitt book by Charlie Huston. Having loved the first three Joe Pitt novels, it goes without saying that I was going to enjoy this book. It is surely the sign of a good book that it entertains you throughout but leaves you almost angry at the end because you want to read more. Of course, this…

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Half the Blood of Brooklyn cover

Book: Half The Blood Of Brooklyn

This is the third book in the proposed five-book series of Joe Pitt novels by Charlie Huston, and it’s very much the in-between, transition story. (You can read my thoughts on the previous two here and here.) It is putting the pieces into place for the remaining stories, after Huston has set up all the characters and storylines, while still…

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No Dominion cover

Books: No Dominion

No Dominion by Charlie Huston I really enjoyed Already Dead, the introduction to Joe Pitt and the Vampyr Clans of Manhattan, and so was really looking forward to the second book, No Dominion. What I didn’t realise was how good it was going to be. Joe is going through tough times after the first book, where he burned bridges with…

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Book Review: Already Dead

Already Dead by Charlie Huston The high concept of this book is hard-boiled vampire detective. Great idea but it needs the execution to make it work – and that is exactly what Huston brings to this great story. Joe Pitt is vampire (or ‘Vampyre’, as Huston has it) in Manhattan, but he doesn’t belong to any of the clans that…

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