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Official Blogging Status Achieved

When I started this blog, only the other day, I was thinking about how I’d have to spend some time writing posts, developing a voice, putting up regular updates before I would have to move to the next stage of getting people to link to me and notice me.

So, I was mightily surprised by this post from veteran blogger, TomTheDog, which links to my post about the Golden Globes, which was only my second post, and the fact that he’s added me to his links list already. When I get round to sorting out my links list, I’ll reciprocate.

This is great – it means I don’t have to do anything more, as I’ve already entered the incestuous world that is the blogosphere!


So, what now?

Actually, I’m mighty flattered, and will have to live up to the honour of this link by continuing to post more nonsense – I mean, careful cultural criticism and indiscriminate linking.

For example, I wanted to talk about how the lovely, luscious, etc., Natalie Portman, even before she got an award to officially maker her an ‘Actor’, has decided to star in a comic book adaptation, V For Vendetta. (Let’s hope this doesn’t mirror Halle Berry, who got her Oscar, perhaps through Academy sentiment for ignoring black actresses for so long more than her acting ability, and then went and starred in the wonderfully reviewed Catwoman.)

As a fan of the comic book medium, I always get a little excited by seeing comics translated into films. Well, except for Catwoman, perhaps. Comic books use dynamic yet static images to tell a story and, especially in superhero books, represent movement and action. We, the reader, have to do the work and provide the motion between the panels (as discussed by Scott McCloud in his excellent book, Understanding Comics). So, seeing it translated to live action is always a bit of a thrill, especially in something as dynamic as, say, Spider-Man, or the X-Men. It’s just the way I am. Sometimes, this leads to disappointment, sometimes to glee, but this doesn’t dampen the interest each time something new is announced.

Now, V for Vendetta is a great piece of work by the comic genius that is Alan Moore. A tale about fascist England and the man who fights against this using acts of terrorism, it is told with Moore’s usual poetry (all the chapter headings are words beginning with the letter ‘V’, which sometimes required turning to the dictionary, and reflected the themes of the ensuing chapter) and ably assisted by David Lloyd’s painted art.

But, the film is being written by the Wachowski brothers, which is worrying after The Matrix sequels tried to destroy their original masterpiece, and because of the fact that V wears a Guy Fawkes mask, and it contains terrorism. I was going to write more about how worried I am by this, but someone more able and funnier beat me to it. Dorian tells it like it is, so I don’t have to.

Gosh, this blogging lark is easy; why didn’t I do it sooner?

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