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In which I point out some interesting things I’ve read in the Comic Blogosphere recently, as I cannot provide you with all the content goodness your body needs:

Tim has an excellent critique of Marvels, over at The Hurting, displaying his smart writing and insightful brain. He is the man responsible for the notorious Comic Remix at PopCultureShock, which are always interesting at the very least, shifting to very, very funny at their best.

Talking of funny, David at Precocious Curmudgeon has an hilarious dig at New Avengers #3, out this week. I’m not reading the book, even though it’s Bendis, but I might pick it up in the trade, just to compare with David’s post.

Talking of Bendis (man, I’m good at this segueway thing, aren’t I?), Greg at the wonderfully named Delenda Est Carthago tells you why you should have Alias in your collection, in a recurring Comics You Should Own section he’s doing. (And, no, I’m not pointing you his way just because he namechecks me in this post, no matter what you cynics may think.)

Talking of incestuous linking, my love of The Art of Usagi Yojimbo means that I have to point out the Pickytarian’s post (with pictures!) praising the black and white artistic greatness of Stan Sakai. You can never have too much praise of the Sakai.

Talking of sterling artists, there’s a good interview with J.H. Williams over at Newsarama, talking about his working with Grant Morrison, after working with Alan Moore, and now working with Warren Ellis. Talk about a good resume.

Talking of great comic teams, Logan Polk, over at CBG, has a marvelous review of the Superman: Birthright hardcover by Mark Waid & Lenil Francis Yu. I’m not a great Superman fan, but I picked this up in floppy form and loved it; Waid just gets Superman and Yu’s art is simply super, if you’ll pardon the pun.

My segueway powers fail me on my last link, but it has to be included just for the huge laugh it gave me. Dr Sordid has the photoshopped Vanity Fair Star Wars cover but, underneath that, he reveals the true identity of George Lucas’ clone (maybe you have to be English to find this hysterically amusing, I’m not sure, but his twin is uncanny.)

Enjoy your trips around the internet (I don’t have the links open in new windows because I assume all you hip cats are using Firefox to surf, and so browse with the superior multiple tabs, but apologies if you don’t) and then come back here for some new content (eventually).

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