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Links: Ohhh, that’s why they call it the Web…

I’ve recovered from my over-reaction yesterday to Marty not getting an Oscar. He and I will survive, I think.

I’m still in a linking mode, for some reason. A comic and cinema-related link: Bob Evans and Stan Lee to make superhero franchise [EDIT: Empire no longer stores this page]. Why? Sweet Zombie Jesus, does the world need more rubbish superheroes from Stan Lee’s UV-addled brain? I mean, all credit to him for co-creating the Marvel Universe and everything, but just stick to taking a cut of Marvel’s bank and appearing on television every now and then. It’s just embarrassing. And I’m reading Evans’s autobiography at the moment and, while some of the things he has done in his life are impressive, he has shown spectacularly bad judgement in a lot of things, which colours my view of this news no end.

Not apropos of anything other than making me smile, but Oxford Union invites Ron Jeremy to speak. With the extra twist of Jenna Jameson coming there before him … (couldn’t resist that, sorry).

Even though I’ve been enjoying the Channel 4 sitcom, Nathan Barley, not everybody else has been, according to a Chortle item [EDIT: link no longer exists]. It’s not the typical feed line/punchline format, and has quite an emotional core to it about the selling of the creative soul to work (well, that’s the way I see it), but it’s a shame when the good stuff is ignored. Like TV, like comics …

Talking of Channel 4, they posted their 100 Greatest Cartoons from their programme of the same name last Sunday – and they accuse blogs of being inward-looking and unusual?

David (good name) at Yet Another Comics Blog shares details about himself via a meme in his Ten Things I’ve Done That You May Not Have. I’d have a go myself, but I’ve not done anything near as interesting as he has, and so feel inadequate by comparison.

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